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Kelly Double


Maryland Taxidermist and Wildlife Artist

My path into taxidermy started at an early age, wandering the fields and woodlots in pursuit of Ringneck pheasants, cottontail rabbits and whitetail deer. It was a tradition to be pulled from school for the opening day of small game season. The sound of a cackling pheasant or the flash of a cottontail bursting from under foot, raised a young boy's heart and I was hooked on the outdoors.


Spanning 3 generations of outdoors men, found us as a family pursuing big game in the western states. We bow hunted elk and mule deer in Colorado and Montana, chased javalina in Arizona, and stalked the Badlands of North Dakota for antelope, and mule deer.

Growing up with a sketch book in hand, I found wildlife to be my primary subject. Melding my two loves together, art and wildlife, It was only natural  to turn to taxidermy as a profession. I attended Pennsylvania Institue of Taxidermy in 1984, after graduation I started my business in Mount Airy, Maryland. I continued to develope my skills and broaden my knowledge of wildlife anatomy through the years by attending advanced seminars and competitions. Nature's Best Wildlife Artistry is located in central Maryland, between the mountains of western Maryland and the lower eastern shore has allowed me to mount all of Maryland's wildlife.


In the 30 years of business, I have been blessed to mount many trophies from Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and North America.

At Nature's Best Wildlife Artistry, you will find ONLY 1 person handling your trophy from start to finish, ensuring you the finest mount to a hard earned trophy.

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