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You probably have heard, A great mount starts in the field. How you handle your trophy in the field has EVERYTHING to do with the finished product. Mishandling could lead to a unattractive mount, additional cost in repairs, or even the complete loss of your trophy. Following these guidelines will help you care for your trophy.


  • NEVER wring the birds neck

  • Carefully wipe the blood from feathers, Place a small piece of paper towel in mouth to keep fluids from leaching out.

  • Try to hand retrieve when possible

  • Freeze the bird as soon as possible if you can't deliver the bird to the taxidermist

  • DO NOT wrap your bird in paper or absorbent material as this will draw moisture from the bird accelerating freezer burn



  • Handle fish carefully, try to avoid loosing any scales

  • Never freeze the fish in news paper or absorbent material as this will promote moisture loss and accelerate freezer burn

  • Wrap fish in wet towel and place in plastic trash bag and freeze flat



  • NEVER cut the animals throat

  • NEVER hang the animal by the neck with a rope

  • NEVER cut into the brisket region with your field dressing cut, stop the cut at the sternum

  • Avoid dragging your animal when possible, if you must lift shoulders off ground to drag

  • Get your animal to the taxidermist as soon as possible or freeze

Diagram for removing cape

(Other diagrams may be found in the printable field care, provided by McKenzie Taxidermy)


  • Animals of Coyote size and smaller,  DO NOT field dress

  • Small mammals will spoil quickly due to thin hide and bacteria, freeze as soon as possible to stop bacteria growth

  • Large lifesize should be skinned by either dorsal or ventral incision, determined by mount type  ( rug or lifesize)


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